Convert to Digital

If you have recorded your interview with micro/mini/standard cassette or mini discs you can convert the audio via your PC and save this as an MP3 or WAV file. You can then upload this via my file transfer facility.

You will need:

1. Software on your computer – there is a free download of Goldwave at for Macintosh users.

2. A jack to jack lead (from an electrical supplier – small 6.35mm).

3. Plug one end of the jack lead into the line in socket of your PC tower system.

4. Plug the other end of the jack lead into the headphones sockets of your device (tape player, mini disc).

5. Open up your recording software.

6. Set rate at 8,000hz.

7. Press Record on the PC recording software and press Play on your tape player, mini disc.

8. Once the tape player, mini disc has finished press Stop on both the PC recording device and the taper player, mini disc.

9. Save and name your PC recording of your tape player, mini disc.

10. You can now upload your file to my file transfer facility.