“Coralie Faulkner and her company, audio.net.au in Perth are vital to the success of my research and consultancy business in Sydney. In the last twelve months she has transcribed over one hundred and fifty interviews I have conducted, for my quoting in government reports, journal articles and other publications. Her work is always of the highest quality and her turnaround time very short. I find her service totally reliable and thoroughly professional and value her responsiveness to her clients’ needs.”
John Mitchell, www.jma.com.au

“We have had over 50 hours of audio-recorded interviews transcribed by Coralie Faulkner’s group.  This has resulted in some hundreds of typed pages.  I have been very pleased with the speed of turnaround, but even more so with the accuracy of the recordings.  With other transcription services we’ve used, I’ve had to go back and listen to parts of audio recordings to work out what the interview participants actually said.  I’ve been very pleased with the accuracy of Coralie’s group.  It is great to be able to rely on the transcription service.”
Peter B Seddon
Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems
The University of Melbourne, Australia

“I spent many years as a magazine editor, and have had many dealings with transcribers. I have also done a lot of it myself, so know what it’s like to do. Coralie’s service is one of the best! Very quick, very professional. They can spell, and they know how to use an … ellipsis. Highly recommended!”
Graeme Philipson
Research Director
Connection Research

“Thank you for all you help Coralie – you’ve done a wonderful job, and turning it around in less than 24 hours places you in the ‘miracle worker’ category! I will definitely be recommending your services to my research colleagues!”
1 September 2010
Bronwyn Everett, University of Technology Sydney

“Thanks for such an efficient service.”
David Samulenok
Senior Coordinator, Multimedia Production
Educational Technology Advancement Group (EduTAG)
RMIT University
7 September 2010

“I have had a number of colleagues who need transcriptions done – I have highly recommended your services.”
Dr Eveline Chan
Senior Research Officer
Faculty of Education and Social Work
University of Sydney

“Hi Coralie, fabulous, thank you!! I will be completing my Masters next year and will definitely send you any transcriptions I may have.”
Kind thanks,
Robyn Della Franca, Associate Lecturer, School of Occupational Therapy and Social Work, Curtin University
30 September 2010

“Thanks so much for being so prompt with your service – you’re amazing!”
Sue Neale
BBL Group Pty Ltd

“Thanks again, very professional, fast and accurate. You’re fabulous.”
Victoria Hansen, www.victoriahansen.com